Who We Are

Thrive Women Solutions (TWS) is a social enterprise dedicated to helping women empower themselves and others to live financially independent and emotionally healthy lives. TWS was born out of a strong desire to assist women empower, discover and love themselves throughout the various seasonal cycles of their lives by supporting their economic growth and emotional wellbeing, hence living more fulfilling and rewarding lives for themselves, families and their communities.

We are committed to practical ways of achieving these, via value-adding seminars, workshops, webinars and conferences, because we understand and firmly believe in the immense value women who are financially and emotionally empowered offer to the Socio economic and political development of their families, communities and humanity as a whole.


To enlighten and empower women to become Financially Independent and live Physically and Emotionally Healthy Lives.


We strongly believe financial independence, physical  and emotional wellbeing of women greatly contributes to the socio-economic and political growth of a nation. We intend using our various platforms, advocacy, partnerships and collaborations with both the public and private sectors to achieve this.  Thereby Giving  women more influence to fully contribute to their families, communities and humanity as a whole.


Our core values guide our decisions and actions towards ensuring we are on track and stay true to our Mission’s Objectives, and they are:

  • HOPE
  • LOVE

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