2018 Thrive Women Conference


Thrive Women Solutions (TWS) is delighted to announce the inaugural Annual Thrive Women Conference which will be taking place on Thursday 15th November at The Civic Centre, Lagos.  The conference is a one day event for 250 participants targeted at enlightening and empowering female entrepreneurs, would be entrepreneurs and career women. The Theme of this year’s Conference is “The Nigerian Woman as an Economic and Socio-Political Powerhouse”.  It will comprise the opening and closing ceremonies, lunch, tea break and three sessions covering;

  • Entrepreneurship, Finance and Career,

  • Self-Discovery and Wellbeing,

  • Family Marriage and Parenting

The topics will be covered by experienced and informed panelists who have walked their talk and are passionate about positively imparting lives by sharing their stories with our delegates to help them live more fulfilling and financially independent lives. It promises to be a value adding, life augmenting day, so do not miss it as seats are limited!



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