Our 3rd Annual Thrive Women Conference will take place during the  2nd week in November and for the first time this year , it will hold for 2 days from the 11th -12th of November 2020 in Lagos. Our conferences are based on our mission statement which focuses on 2 focal aspects of the life of a woman which are financial independence and emotional with physical wellbeing.  Both conference days will comprise an opening ceremony,  panel sessions, networking breaks, lunch,  breakout session, a Raffle draw and a closing ceremony.

The sessions will look critically at how women’s daily financial, emotional and business decisions and actions shape their financial, physical and emotional future and wellbeing. Thrive Women Conference also offers attendees mentorship opportunities as well as counselling for continuity in their drive for financial independence, physical and emotional wellbeing. This year’s Thrive Women Conference will be hosting five hundred female delegates and fifty exhibitors. Our conference targets enlightening and empowering existing  and aspiring female entrepreneurs, career women looking for a side hustle to horne their business skills as well as other women who need emotional support or inspiration.  We provide an amazing platform for networking, business and financial insights, emotional grounding and practical idea generation proferring solutions to existing needs.

With over 1000 visitors expected at the exhibition ground, it’s a great business decision to be a part of the 2020 Thrive Women Conference. The Theme of this year’s Conference is “The Global Woman, Beyond Limits”.


Participation in Thrive Women  Conference offers your organization the following benefits:

  • Direct Access to your target market to generate immediate and potential customers.
  • A fantastic Brand Visibility opportunity to promote and raise your organization’s profile and brand value with participants and the general public
  • Enlarge your content strategy and reach via exposure to your target audience in an environment conducive to information exchange that will promote mutually beneficial business outcomes.
  • A great CSR opportunity for your organization to generate community goodwill as a women friendly organization. Your sponsorship will help in enlightening and empowering women and hence act as a catalyst for positive change in the society.
  • Assist sales goal by demonstrating your products and services through your exhibition stand, and dedicated entrepreneurship session, while sharing and exchanging relevant data and information with participants.

We are proud to invite your organization to participate as a Conference sponsor and exhibitor in the 2020 Thrive Women Conference. Where it gets to brand an agreed session, speak about its products and services to the five hundred Female delegates, exhibit and showcase its products or services to the over one thousand visitors expected at our exhibition grounds, take questions from the audience and answer them, amonge other benefits as listed in the various sponsorship options below.