2019 Thrive Women Conference

Thrive workshops and Seminars are facilitated by experienced professionals and women who have walked their talk, are thriving and living testimonies of women who having found the true essence of themselves, love themselves and are positively imparting lives and humanity. They are able to relate with our participants diverse circumstances and proffer practical suggestions and solutions.Our workshops and seminars as expected, cover comprehensive issues affecting women and always offers practical solutions that are adaptable to suit everyone’s peculiar circumstances and personality.In general Thrive workshops cover the following areas which are then taken apart and addressed to the minutest detail:Finance and EntrepreneurshipMind, Body and Spirit, Thriving IrrespectiveFamily, Career, Health, Wellness and BeautySelf-Discovery and Self Love

Marriage, Money, Infidelity and Love

Bereavement and life afterwards

Self Discovery


Managing internal peace

Managing relationships

Letting go, and letting God

Family integration and Harmony

Finding your Balance for fuller living

Mind Power

When everything seems a mess

Tough time, tough decisions, tough Love


We offer online live webinars on various topics on financial, career and emotional wellbeing.

We organize on request Thrive retreats for individuals, Families and Organizations based on our clients specific goals in alignment with our values.